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MDS provides many different diagnostic services, including Examinations, on-site Digital X-rays, and Oral Cancer Screenings. All mobile teams are well equipped to provide a full diagnostic dental examination.


MDS offers a wide array of services, including dental restoration services, including, but not limited to: Fillings, Crowns, and Bridges. Our mobile teams provide full restoration services.


MDS is a firm believe in preventative care, as the first line of defense. Our mobile teams focus on comprehensive cleanings and fluoride treatments.

Specialty Services

As part of our full-service mission, MDS mobile team offers a wide array of specialty services, including: prosthodontics, partial & removable dentures, periodontics, and oral surgery.

Mobile Dental Solutions - We Bring The Dentist To You!

Mobile Dental Solutions has years of experience, providing  a complete dental experience, that comes with all of the traditional services you’d expect from a dental practice – in the comfort of your location.  At Mobile Dental Solutions, we understand the constraints seniors experience when traveling to and from their dental appointments. Our unique, and one of a kind service, provides that experience, in an easy, and affordable, manner, for seniors under your care.

We use the latest in portable dental and safety equipment, to provide patients a similar dental experience to a traditional dental practice. We have a dedicated, full time, support staff, that helps you schedule an appointment, and handle all the logistics.

Why Directors Choose Mobile Dental Solutions


In addition to having years of experience, Mobile Dental Solutions provides the most affordable mobile dental services. We provide a competitive fee schedule, and accept numerous forms of payments.


The team at Mobile Dental Solutions, consists of an eclectic collection of trained medical professionals, and customer service representatives. Our team consists of individuals who understand both how to deliver, and manage, dental services.


Regardless of the type of dental services needed, our team of dental service providers can handle it. Each team consists of a trained dentist, and all the necessary support staff to handle all forms of dental care, both preventative, and restorative.

Each mobile dental team consists of a licensed, and board certified, dentist, hygienist, and a full dental team. We provide the complete package, and make your life easier. Convenience is key. – CEO Shane Stevens

SAFETY: Regardless of the fact our mobile dental teams come to you, we take infection control seriously. All instruments are sterilized before use, and we meet, or exceed, government standards. Our dental team travels with all the necessary equipment to provide the most comprehensive dental treatment possible.

Our highly trained mobile dental teams provide comprehensive exams, in additional to all other forms dental treatments, including oral cancer screenings, periodontal disease, and any other dental conditions. We can provide all dental services in the privacy of the patients environment, whether it be wheelchair, beside, or in a portable dental chair.



  • The team at Mobile Dental Solutions is extremely professional, and great to work with. Their teams are always on time, and their knowledge is amazing!

    Tina Feygan
  • We used to have to drive all of the seniors under our care, to the dentist, and it was a complete mess. With Mobile Dental Solutions coming to us, life has never been simpler!

    Zack William