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Revolutionizing Senior Dental Care

Seniors never again need to suffer from poor dental health just because you can’t get them to the dentist. We have designed a mobile dental solution that makes seniors’ dental care affordable, convenient, 
and improves the quality of their…

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What We Do

Mobile Dental Solutions is the expert onsite dental service that specializes in senior dental care. We have years of experience, providing seniors with a complete dental experience, that comes with all of the traditional services you’d expect from a dental practice – onsite in the comfort of their own surroundings….

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Our mobile dental team provides full diagnostic dental services onsite. Our onsite dental diagnostics exam includes: Examinations, Digital X-rays, and Oral Cancer Screenings.


Our mobile dental teams provide full restoration services. Our dental restoration services include: Fillings, Crowns, and Bridges, but are not limited to these restorative services.


We believe that the best senior dental care is preventing dental disease and unnecessary dental issues, so our teams focus on comprehensive cleanings and fluoride treatments.

Specialty Services

Our commitment is to providing our seniors with a full-service dental care solution which including: prosthodontics, partial & removable dentures, periodontics, and oral surgery.