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Mobile Dental Solutions

Onsite Expert Senior Dental Care

“We are committed to quality and convenience. So each mobile senior dental care team consists of a licensed, and board certified, dentist, hygienist, and a fully equipped dental team.” – CEO Shane Stevens

High-quality Senior Dental Care is what Mobile Dental Solutions is all about. It is the premier dental practice for older adults. Seniors have unique dental needs and concerns, so we have developed a specialty dental practice that is designed to address them. It starts by providing senior dental services on-site where we can dramatically reduce the stress, strain, and difficulties associated with going to the dentist.

We use the latest in state-of-the-art mobile dental equipment, along with a licensed dentist and hygienist experienced in senior dental care. Our senior dental clients receive dentist office level services and professionalism delivered with care and compassion. Our solution is designed especially for them in the comfort of their surroundings.

The result is that we can provide our senior clients with the majority of the dental services they require right there onsite during their scheduled appointment. Examples of our affordable Dental care services include such offerings as teeth cleaning, dental x-rays, fittings for dentures, and even when necessary, teeth extractions. No more stress of going to the dentist, we bring the dentist right to you with our portable dental unit.

In addition to providing affordable dental health solutions, we are the only portable dental service specialized in dental care for seniors, that accepts Medicaid. Contact Mobile Dental Solutions today to find out more about our affordable senior dental care services in Central Texas and schedule a visit for your loved one today!

Senior Dental Care Team
On the Road to Revolutionize Senior Dental Care

It is our mission, to make high-quality dental care for the elderly as safe, comfortable, convenient and affordable as possible with mobile on-site full-service dental services. While providing both the patients and the facilities we serve with superior customer service.

MDS Mobile Dental Solutions received A+ by Better Business Bureau